This site is developed to support the Sanghas of Engaged Buddhism in Southern California.

DURING COVID – 19 we are supporting our monastery by providing donations through the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation.

Our Inter-Sangha is developing a three-part plan for our mindful work together.  Click on the links below to learn more.

I.  Supporting Deer Park Monastery

II. Building Sangha

III. Connecting and Nurturing

Dear Sangha Siblings, we have a request from our nuns at Clarity Hamlet… please read below:

Dear beloved friends of Deer Park,
We know you are there, and we are so happy and grateful for your love and care over the years!
Thank you for being willing to consider this project, regarding the retaining wall. With the understanding that it requires
hard labor and specific tools and materials, Sisters decided that we would hire skilled workers for this job. The work begins as of today.
Therefore, consider it’s done.
Clarity Hamlets do have different old buildings that need to be re-painted. Hope that you will consider helping us with this in the near future, if possible.
Deep bow to all of you,
Sister D 🙂

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