Backyard Dharma


Backyard Dharma is devoted to an ongoing exploration of the meaning of life and service in a context of climate emergency and the Sixth Great Extinction. The perspective is Buddhist – the bodhisattva path – and is intended to lift up and celebrate the work and lives of women, BIPOC and queer folk. The invitation is to evolve consciousness toward wholeness and belonging to the Earth. Will the emerging worldwide evolution of consciousness toward non-duality and away from othering each other and our precious Earth save humanity from extinction? No one knows. Is it worth doing anyway? I think so. I hope you do too.


To advance peace and wholeness through the collective work of understanding humanity and all beings as interdependent, as essential to each other, as one Earth.


Humanity is in integrity and right relationship with Earth and all beings.


To contribute to the awakening of each of us and to the awakening of humanity as a whole to our belonging to each other and to the Earth through spiritual practice, art, music, language, reflection, learning, resource sharing, and action.


We hold in humility the understanding that the environmental movement in the U.S. has been largely white bodied while impacts have been largely borne by BIPOC, women, and other marginalized groups, communities, and nations worldwide. We commit to centering the voices of women, indigenous people, people of color, and queer people in this space. We acknowledge that as white bodied cis-gendered humans we have blind spots and we hope for and invite compassionate feedback when we err. That being said, hate speech and othering have no place here. Peace ~

Question: What can I do as an individual? Answer: Stop being an individual ~ 
Bill McKibbon,