Polar Bear Sangha

Welcome to the Polar Bear Sangha a place for people to gather in love and compassion to support white-bodied people healing from the traumas that create and maintain white supremacy culture.

Our current mission statement is, ” The Polar Bear Sangha is dedicated to help white-bodied people compassionately and mindfully practice to heal their own racial trauma, learn to understand the unjust systems that they are benefitting from and become agents of change to ensure equinimity for all people.”

It is our belief that it is the responsibility of white people to become anti-racists as we dismantle white supremacy culture that is harming all beings on this planet. We do not seek to inflict violence, hate, or anger against anyone. Rather, we seek to walk this path of facing the pain of living in unjust systems and beliefs together as a community with courage, humbleness, compassion, and rigor.

The roots of white supremacy are deep and we, as white people, have unfairly benefited and continue to benefit from this culture . The road to fairness and equality is long, challenging, and often circuitous. It will require us to create a white-bodied culture based upon shared joy, compassion, loving kindness, and equinimity.

The Polar Bear Sangha expects that those who join us will practice to the best of their ability to:

Speak and act compassionately and boldly about their own need for transforming their racist beliefs and actions.

Focus on the “common good” over and above personal gains, benefits, or notoriety. Therefore, we expect peaceful and compassionate action and words toward all creatures and objects, not just humans.

Balance gaining insight and understanding with taking effective action to increase anti-racism in our own Self and in our culture.

Understand no one is the “enemy,” everyone and everything is worthy of our care.

Engage in a paradigm of systemic change based upon engaged and compassionate education and peaceful action instead of confrontational or aggressive models.

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Listen to a podcast of Brad Wiscons being interviewed about the Polar Bear Sangha and white trauma by clicking here

To contact brad wiscons please email bjwiscons@gmail.com