Get Involved

Please join the Community of Mindfulness Sangha, a group of laypeople working with our monastic siblings (Monks and Nuns) on and activities and projects that are:

  1. Supporting Deer Park Monastery
  2. Building and supporting Sanghas throughout the Western United States
  3. Connecting and nurturing the larger community through introduction of our mindful practice
Enjoying a well-deserved break after working meditation

We are inviting any and all people of all ages interested in deepening their practice of Engaged Buddhism. Examples of our projects include:

  • Improving the building and grounds of Deer Park Monastery. To get involved, please contact
    • Gardening
    • Composting
    • Painting
    • Plumbing
    • Construction
    • Repair
    • Trail maintenance
    • Road maintenance
    • Roofing
  • Assisting in Days of Mindfulness at local Sanghas in the community. To get involved, please contact
    • Marketing
    • Cooking
    • Locating venues
  • Providing parking assistance on Days of Mindfulness at Deer Park Monastery. To get involved please contact
  • Food and clothes drives to support those in need.
  • Providing legal and/or clerical support for our Monastic Siblings for their travels and stays across the world.
  • Assisting Monastic Siblings in finding appropriate and affordable healthcare.
  • Information Technology support for Deer Park Monastery.
Afternoon of Mindfulness with Senior Dharma Teacher Dr. Larry Ward
Small meditation hall recently refreshed with paint